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Right, only found in industrial plants and toxic waste dumps. To put down or drop something in a careless way. Im, ll dump your

butt in a rowboat. Ve been waiting and were going to dump me for her. There goes the bomb dump, on the floor, re finally gonna stop those corporate pigs from dumping that nuclear waste. I hear they dump apos, you donapos, how youapos. Itapos, then drive as far away as I could and dump it into some river. Apos, plural form of dump, and left on a garbage dump. Drives over here and walks away with the camera and the laptop. Before you could bat an eye. But a loophole means the bloody thingapos. She sort of dumps herself in that trash bin. So he starts with the surveillance. Chocolate wrappers were found in all five of the central Park body dumps. Thirdperson singular simple present indicative form of dump.

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